Zooming along at 169mph

The Honda Civic Type R is the highest performance version of the Civic with big engine and a stiff body kit. But its all pointless without a cool livery right?!

We produced and designed a stunning Type-R livery for three cars all for a special motoring event at the Cholmondeley Power & Speed, where all three cars would be put through their paces around a challenging circuit for people to get to grips with the raw power and style the new Type-R possesses. To produce a livery of this type research was undertaken to try and get a better understanding of the Honda brand, colour schemes and style and thus produce a design that not only looked great but really reflected the brand. The design has hints of classic Honda touring cars intertwined with a new bespoke design utilising the brand guidelines and themes of the Honda brand along with subtle curves and straight edges to really make the design pop out.

The fitting of the three cars only took two days, all down to our production team setting up the design like a jigsaw puzzle making each panel fit perfectly and constantly with one another over the three vehicles, the results being three amazing looking Type-R cars. Have fun at the races!

 Type R 2 Type R Type R 3

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