Working with Tarmac

One word that can describe this particular job. Massive. With each silo weighing several tonnes each, careful consideration and planning has had to occur to get the silos in the right place at the right time and upon completion sent out to the right location. Having ample room to apply the new branding to the side of the silo was a must, and working together the the chaps at WG Tanker we are able to both re-paint and re-decal the silos in one location. Easy right?

Each silo consists of 8 panels of blue, one unique serial number and location that it originated from and is designated to. There’s 1500 of them! It then takes our fitters a full day to first move, clean and apply the decals to four different silos. Luckily we have a completely dedicated team of fitters and production staff both locally and in Scotland to complete the work to tight deadlines. Working with Tarmac is a great opportunity for us at S&G and all credit is due not only to the fitters but also back room staff and management to make the whole operation run like clockwork.


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