M&M Group Wrap

A new van wrap for the M&M group courtesy fleet, a challenging new design facelift to really make the group stand out from the crowd. Over a few hours we took on a whole van wrap to be used as part of the M&M group courtesy fleet and gave it a new lease of life.

Sometimes we get the opportunity to go wild and practice our wrapping and design skills on one of our own vehicles. In this instance an old, tired looking Renault Trafic was the vehicle of choice and needed a little bit of love and attention, so the team was set to work on revamping and wrapping the whole van. The wrap itself is mostly digital printed with the ‘swoosh’ accents being the exception.

The set up is critical to the way the wrap works, first off the design is split into multiple sections or what we know as drops and the way the vinyl is then applied is not too dissimilar to that of wallpaper, only with many many bumps and recesses! The digital print was left to de-gas for 72 hours which helps with the reduction of bubbles and failure months down the line which would result in the wrap being re-fitted. It’s also required for door handles and side lights to be removed which we can do on site in order to get a smooth final finish.



The fitting process works by starting each drop from the back of the vehicle working forwards in order for air flow around the vehicle to glide over the surface and not underneath a join, the joins themselves are overlapped 10mm which again is a technique to reduce air and water from seeping under the vinyl. Upon each drop reaching a recessed part of the bodywork, a heat gun is used to soften the vinyl so its easier to apply, there is obviously always a risk of overheating but vinyl is surprisingly resilient. Once applied, its then re heated to 100 degrees to help reduce the likelihood of the application lifting off the bodywork. 



The whole vehicle took around four hours, which is great considering the challenges associated with a full vehicle wrap and overall we think it looks great!

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