Carbon Roof Wrap

What’s great about this job is the wide variety of vehicles, designs and materials we get to use. We already have a skilled team here at M&M Signs and Graphics but there is always something new to learn, the art of a vehicle wrap may look easy upon completion however it takes a lot of skill and patience to produce something that truly wows the customer.


First of all its important to know the cleaner the vehicle is, the easier it is for a wrap to apply. There is nothing worse than fitting something only to find half way through there are bits of grit underneath the vinyl. Rip it off and Start over.

Clean and clean again!

In this instance we are wrapping the roof of a new white Renault Clio with carbon effect vinyl. After making sure the roof is clean, the vinyl is pulled off the backing paper. Pulled tight over the roof of the car. And gently smoothed over with an application squeegee to get a smooth finish. Its a slow process making sure there are no creases and stretch marks but its always down the the finer details in making the finished product look perfect.


The Finer Details

Although a roof is typically flat, it does offer a few challenges along the way, in this case the aerial. A hole in the vinyl had to be cut and then slowly but surely lowered and fitted around the cars aerial using an orange peeler to tuck the excess underneath the rubber seal to give a smooth professional finish.
Finally the rear spoiler was also wrapped. This was done using a separate piece of the carbon fibre vinyl, the edges and small recesses were heated to approximately 100 degrees to ensure the material wont lift up a few months down the line. The rear brake light was also wrapped around however, this time this was done in patches or sections which were cleverly overlaid so joins were barely visible. The end result is fantastic, a little bit of care and attention goes a long way in giving a vehicle the wow factor.




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